Floydian Slip

“Floydian Slip” is a one-hour, weekly radio journey through the history of the rock band Pink Floyd. Host Craig Bailey works classic Floyd songs, deep album cuts and...Read More

Kasey Alan

Kasey Alan. Upbeat, fun, and all about the Fox. She’s passionate about radio, and has been a Classic Rock fan since she was a...Read More

The Bob & Tom Show

Focusing on comedy and talk, The Bob & Tom Show is a mash-up of news, sports, conversation, comedy and interviews.  The show is peppered...Read More


Koyote is a local radio favorite and your afternoon host on The Fox.  He has been speaking to the masses for decades and is...Read More

The Big Show with Jeff Mora

Jeff is everything you would expect a middle-aged man from Paso Robles, CA, to be: opinionated, stubborn, charismatic and unusually passionate about pizza. Jeff...Read More