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Koyote is a local radio favorite and your afternoon host on The Fox!  His “Koyote’s Challenge” game in the 4pm hour is a listener favorite with games like “What am I Flushing”, “Hearing Test”, “Friday Night Smackdown” and more.  Don’t forget The Beer Run in the 5pm hour where he gets the beer while you D.J. the station!

I’m a huge Back To The Future Fan. This just made me happy, especially w/everything going on!

No more V.H.?

So according to Diamond Dave V.H. is no more? Is this leaving the door open for Sammy to come back? I dunno. Check this


So, I am stoked. Not only is there a new Star Wars tease trailer, but “The Rise Of Skywalker” comes out on my birthday!

Top Gun II

The first official trailer for Top Gun Maverick has been released. This looks good!


So, it looks like we might see Joe Walsh & Brian Johnson doing something very cool soon. Check this out.

Who you gonna call?

It’s long been rumored & this seems to be the most relevant hint so far….GHOSTBUSTERS 3? Check out the teaser trailer