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Koyotes Krap

Alright Crue fans, the long awaited Motley Crue movie is coming! Check this out!


So, I wanna see how they are gonna put cuffs on the whale! Check this out.

Captain Marvel

Yes, once again I’m indulging my inner nerd! Check  out!

Farewell Kiss?

They’ve done it before so I don’t know. Is Kiss calling it quits? Check this out.


So while I’ll be the first to admit that Axl’s douchbaggery over the past several years has been intolerable, G-N-R reuniting, combined w/this has


I don’t know about you, but I am so stoked to see this!

Bye Ozzy!

If you have not seen the OZZMONSTER, you’re running out of chances. The Price Of Darkness is heading out on “The No More Tours”

Super Mario GPS?

So, I’ve watched my kids play video games such as Mario Kart. That being said combining this w/driving? I dunno!

I’m failing to see the logic…

So, conspiracies can be entertaining I’ll agree. I gotta be honest though, this whole flat earth thing has got me baffled. So, we faked

Good to know!

So, I’ve been an iphone person for about four generations of the phone now. For the most part always pretty happy, however the battery

More Star Wars!

So hopefully you caught the trailer to the new Han Solo movie during the BIG Game Sunday. If not, click here & check it


A little early Christmas gift for you. Check out the new Avengers Infinity War Trailer!!!!