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January 20, 2018
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by Carter posted Nov 9 2017 5:07PM

A big thank you to our Veterans!  I promise to celebrate your service every day but you should take advantage of the deals coming your way in your honor!  Get the full list here!
by Carter posted Nov 9 2017 5:03PM

Will Foreigner bring back Lou Gramm?  Get the scoop here now!
by Carter posted Jun 14 2017 12:48PM
I'm in that moment of time where I'm so happy and so sad.  Looking forward to a concert is one of the greatest feelings in the world to me.  Being at the show IS the greatest feeling in the world.  Then...it's over and I feel sad.  The Def Leppard, Poison, Tesla concert at The Save Mart Center this past Monday night was pure joy to me.  I love all 3 bands and was able to sing along with every song from every band.  There was no way anyone could wipe the smile off of my face and the excitment and pure happiness that overcomes me from being at a rock concert.  These are the moments I live for.  It's highs and lows because now I'm sad that it's over.  The good news?  It's easily remedied with tickets to another show so I have something to look forward to again.  HA!
by Carter posted Apr 3 2017 5:08PM
I haven't been floating in a very long time!  It is for sure on my list for 2017!  Fresh water, friends and fun!  Let's do this!!  More info on the river available here!
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by Carter posted Apr 3 2017 4:53PM
For those of us who were not appreciating the new direction of rock n' roll music that was started by one little song called  "Smells Like Teen Spirit"...we hung on to DefLeppard.  Read more here!!

by Carter posted Mar 3 2017 12:42PM
With the success of Desert Trip last year the idea of classic rock concert festivals has resurfaced with a bullet on a power pack!  Rumor has it that The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac will co-headline a West Coast/East Coast festival.  Get the details here.
by Gigi Divine posted Jan 10 2017 7:06PM

It has to be that I've worked with so many mascots in my radio career that this video just tickles me to tears.  Enjoy.  I've been watching it once a day to keep my spirits up.  Thank you White Bear.  HA!

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by Carter posted Dec 29 2016 4:07PM

When I was very young the new hot thing was the video magic machine known as the "VCR".  There was another form known as the "Betamax".  My Dad loved anything new and technologically advanced so he always wanted the best which at the time was The Betamax.  We used it to record home videos of soccer and gymnastics, legendary televised boxing events, all kinds of T.V.  specials (like "Fresno" and "Lonesome Dove") and yes...movies. 
Every once in a while we were blessed with the T.V.  airing of a great movie so when that happened you HAD to record it.  We recorded Rocky III and Star Wars back to back on one beta tape.  I must have watched those two movies at least a hundred times each and I'm NOT exaggerating.   They are still my favorite movies to this day.

Looking back and looking at myself today it would be wrong to say that the character of Princess Leia didn't influence me greatly.  Princess Leia was one of the first, if not best representations of a strong, realistic female character in film and at a young age I watched her over and over and over again.  Memorizing every word, facial expression, idea, tone, loving and or sarcastic statement she made.  All this while she competed with, worked with, lead, loved and worked against the men that surrounded her. 

There are two amazing people and one special character to thank for the independence and strength I have been so fortunate to experience so far in this exciting life...my Mom, my Dad and Princess Leia.

by Carter posted Dec 9 2016 2:28PM

The Grammy Nominations have been released!  Honestly, I could give a crap about Beyoncé, Ariana Grande (no clue who that is) and "new artists" but I'm always intrigued by the talented classic rock artists who continue to remind us that music can be great and still receive nominations. There are no surprises on some...some... of the nominees, Bowie, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, The Beatles...and...Kip Winger?  That's right folks, 80's hair rocker turns classical composer and it's good.  Very good.  Let's see if he gets the full nod in 2017!  I hope so! See where your classic rock artists come in this year.  Click here for all the details!



by Carter posted Dec 9 2016 2:17PM

I recently had the opportunity to speak with the CEO of Valley Teen Ranch, the lovely Connie Clandenan.  What an impressive woman and what an amazing cause she is involved in.  There are so many ways to help out this holiday season.  Please visit them here for more information about Valley Teen Ranch.

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by Carter posted Oct 19 2016 12:10PM

In the words of Bob & Tom Show character Donnie Baker..."I'll say it right to your face"...Tom Cruise is my favorite actor.  He gets no love from Hollywood or the millions of award shows that they like to throw themselves.  Everyone who acts WITH him seems to grab the awards.  He's just Tom and he makes bad ass movies and I can't wait to see Jack Reacher 2 coming out this Friday, Oct. 21st.  By the way...does the guy age at all?  Regardless of how one may feel about his personal life it has to be noted that he is a great actor and a true movie star.  Let's face it...there aren't too many real movie stars anymore.  When you think of this guy's movie catalog it's pretty mind blowing.  I don't care what people think...Tommy is my favorite and dang if Jack Reacher 2 doesn't look like a kick ass movie! 

by Carter posted Oct 6 2016 6:37PM

THE ROLLING STONES ANNOUNCE THEIR RETURN TO THE BLUES WITH NEW ALBUM ‘BLUE & LONESOME’ OUT ON DECEMBER 2nd, 2016!  It's their first new album in over a decade...get the full scoop here!


by Carter posted Sep 1 2016 7:29PM
Dang!  What a great album.  I remember getting the cassette tape as a birthday present.  It then took a rather perminant spot in the car.  So many great songs.  Fun to blast and cruise to.  Remember Dr. Feelgood!
by Carter posted Jul 28 2016 3:18PM


by Carter posted Jul 11 2016 12:30PM
I love gymnastics.  When I was very young I remember watching an American gymnast named Tracee Talavera.  I watched her tumble across the blue floor on the television.  I was mesmerized.  I can still remember turning around from the T.V. and looking at my parents and saying, or rather screaming,  "I want to do that!".  I had played every sport you could think of before I discovered gymnastics and I enjoyed them all but this, this was different. This sport spoke to me and nothing was going to stop me from doing it.  Gymnastics took over my life (and the lives of my poor parents) and I loved it.  After hundreds of leotards, bumps, rips, bruises, tears, smiles, flips, ribbons and miles traveled...it was time to roll up the Mary Lou Retton posters that covered my bedroom wall and hang up my hat.  I had one too many bruises and missed one too many social events.  I was never going to The Olympics, I think I knew that all along but gymnastics taught me discipline, teamwork and individual drive. Even though I missed out on many social, school and family events I wouldn't change one thing.  It also gave me some of the best friends of my life, friends that I still hang out with today.  Every four years when the Olympics come around I get to re-live that feeling that I had so long ago.  I can hear what's in their heads, I know what they're thinking, how they feel.  I can smell the chalk on their hands, feel their years of aches and pains, the nerves and the joy.  I get to remember what it felt like to strive for perfection with no fear at such a young age.  This year, our team is going to bring it all home, again.  I will be right there watching and cheering them on the whole time.  Go USA!!
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by Carter posted Jul 11 2016 12:26PM
I love this album...I've listened to it so many times that I've had to purchase multiple copies in multiple formats.  Here's more details about the album that put Def Leppard on the map!!
by Carter posted Jul 1 2016 9:30AM
The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays.  I love the history behind how our great nation came to be.  I'm grateful for everyday and even though so many are not...I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN.  Happy 4th of July!!
by Carter posted Jul 1 2016 9:22AM
It was the biggest lawsuit in music history and while things went well for Led Zeppelin we can't say the same for the man who sued them...read on here.
by Carter posted May 16 2016 9:50AM
Slowhand has a new album coming out soon entitled "I Still Do".   By all accounts...he STILL HAS DOES...HAVE IT!  See his new video here...

by Carter posted May 16 2016 9:46AM
It seems to be a 50/50 split on how people feel about this temporary marriage but those choosing to attend the show seem to be getting their money's worth.  See footage here...
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by Carter posted Apr 5 2016 1:36PM

by Carter posted Jan 19 2016 9:51AM
Lemmy?  David Bowie?  Natalie Cole and now Glenn Frey?  It's too much to bare.  For me...Glenn Frey is the most painful.  It's no secret that Van Halen is my favorite band but I will say it anytime, anyday to anyone that The Eagles put on the best live show I've ever seen and they may just be the greatest band of all time.   Today I feel more blessed than ever to have been able to see them live.  The talent in The Eagles is almost overwhelming.  There are so many songs to listen too as we mourn but this one seems to bring the tears to my eyes.  It demonstrats the most amazing vocal harmonies and the simple music that manages to make you tap your feet.  RIP Glenn Frey.  

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by Carter posted Jan 19 2016 9:46AM

I cannot get enough of this video!  I've seen it at least 20 times and it still makes me belly laugh.  Oh the simple things...enjoy.

by Carter posted Dec 14 2015 12:05PM
The show is here!  December 17th The Save Mart Center is going to ROCK!  Here's a little warm up for ya!  

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by Carter posted Dec 14 2015 12:00PM
It's time.  The moment so many fans have been waiting for is here.  It expected to be the biggest movie of all time. Star Wars is one of those epic things where there really are no such thing as band wagoners.  You're either a fan or your not.  There is just A LOT of fans.  For those who are not fans and don't plan on being a part of this historic cinema event...I promise...you are missing out.  This is going to be incredible.  

by Carter posted Nov 17 2015 9:33AM
Pumpkin Spice cake?  Yum.  Pumkin Spice coffee?  Delicious!  Pumkin spice everything?  Eeehh.  Click here to see some new over the top Pumkin Spice products. 
by Carter posted Nov 17 2015 9:09AM
People crack me up!  Did you even know that Butterball had a "Turkey Question Hotline"?  I didn't.  Click here to read some very funny questions people have about howto cook their Thanksgiving Day Turkey!
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by Carter posted Oct 12 2015 1:15PM
I saw this test on Facebook and I got 100%!  I was shocked because I thought this test was hard.  Try it for yourself HERE!
by Carter posted Oct 12 2015 12:53PM
As we age it should get harder to stay up all night and party...not the case if you're a Rolling Stone.  Click here to check out the article.
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