January 28, 2015
1:36 am

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Tune in to 95.7 The Fox Weekdays after the Bob & Tom show for 95 minutes of commercial free Classic Rock with the Fox at Work!  Now you can vote for the song to kick it off with Fox on Demand!  Click here to vote (weekdays from 6a to 10a) with 95.7 The Fox!

5 o'clock Beer Run

The music you want to hear during the 5 o'clock hour! While Koyote's out getting the beer, you play the music that you wanna hear!

Gridlock Headline News

Need to hear some news that doesn't matter and doesn't affect you in any way, shape, or form?  Koyote delivers in the 5 o'clock hour, right here on 95.7 The Fox.
Catch a full block of tunes from Led Zeppelin every weeknight at 7p!  Click here to vote an hour before and choose the song you want to kick off GTLO with Fox On Demand! "Get The Led Out" brought to you by Clawson Honda!
It's the best from the hair bands of the 80's!  GNR, Motley Crue, Def Lep, Tesla and more!  Click here to vote for The Outlaw 80's at 8 songs you want to hear next with FOX ON DEMAND every weeknight at 8p! Outlaw 80's brought to you by 95.7 The Fox!

Twofer Tuesday

Back to Back jams from the artists you love to hear on 95.7 The Fox!
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