Carter’s Corner

Look! It’s Batman!

It’s always fun to see how a movie director will recreate a loved character such as Batman.  Here is the latest…...Read More

Remember this one?

Remember this one Fresno?  I was at both of these show filmed at Fresno’s Selland Arena.  I remember waiting over night in line at...Read More

He’s a Magic Man…indeed.

I love magic!  It tickles my brain.  I enjoy watching it and then trying to answer the ultimate question…”HOW DID THEY DO THAT!?”.  Sometimes...Read More

Car flipping new prank!

Cow tipping?  Nope…it’s smart car flipping now.  Look…if I owned a smart car and someone flipped it over I would be pissed.  But since...Read More

Concert Excitement!

It shouldn’t be a suprise but I LOVE going to concerts!  I’ve seen almost every band I can think of but I have yet...Read More

April Fool’s Day!

Is it just me or as we age our life experience makes it more difficult to be fooled?  I can’t remember the last time...Read More