Carter’s Corner

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Chances are you know someone who has battled or is currently battling Breast Cancer.  Mother’s, Daughters, Sisters, friends, even men are at risk.  Find...Read More

New Steve Perry Album?

**updated**Do my eyes deceive me?  Could it be?  Steve Perry of Journey fame announces first new album in over 2 decades!  Read more now!   ...Read More


For the past several days I have been woken up by a mockingbird right outside my bedroom window.  He starts at the crack of...Read More

Sammy Festival!

Sammy Hagar has announced that he will launch a Southern California music, food, and car festival this October. “It’s going to be called the...Read More

March Madness

Let me just start this off with I love football.  Ha!  I love golf and even get in to baseball on occasion.  When is...Read More

Drink or Workout?

A new study reveals that the key to life longevity is to have a couple of drinks a day.  It’s even better than exercising!! Sweet! ...Read More