Carter’s Corner

New Steve Perry Album?

**updated**Do my eyes deceive me?  Could it be?  Steve Perry of Journey fame announces first new album in over 2 decades!  Read more now!   ...Read More


For the past several days I have been woken up by a mockingbird right outside my bedroom window.  He starts at the crack of...Read More

Sammy Festival!

Sammy Hagar has announced that he will launch a Southern California music, food, and car festival this October. “It’s going to be called the...Read More

March Madness

Let me just start this off with I love football.  Ha!  I love golf and even get in to baseball on occasion.  When is...Read More

Drink or Workout?

A new study reveals that the key to life longevity is to have a couple of drinks a day.  It’s even better than exercising!! Sweet! ...Read More

Wishing you love!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the crazy classic rockers of Fresno!  I wish you a “Whole Lotta Love” and “All My Love”.  Muah!...Read More