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by Koyote Fox posted Aug 20 2014 4:15PM
So, by now I'm sure pretty much everyone has heard about the "ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE". All in all a pretty cool & fun way to raise $ for charity w/the app. premise being if you dump buckets of ice water over your head you get out of donating $ to charity. The only flaws I see in this idea are #1: YOU SHOULD DONATE REGARDLESS. #2: IT SEEMS THAT DIFF. CHARITIES ARE CLAIMING "OWNERSHIP" OF THE CHALLENGE. (I've done a little research & it looks like the concept actually originated w/ALS.). #3: MANY PEOPLE ARE POSTING VIA SOCIAL MEDIA SITES HOW SEV. PEOPLE "AREN'T DOING IT RIGHT", (Not using enough water, cheating,  etc. etc.).  SERIOUSLY!?! If your intent on doing the challenge is "pure" & you're trying to do something good/charitable then go for it & the hell w/those that give you static!!!! I was rec. challenged & made a donatiion & took three 5 gallon buckets of ice water to the head. I then of course celebrated & did the "honorable" thing by drinking the beer that the ice had previously been keeping cold so as not to waste it. Anyway, even fmr. Pres. George W. Bush has taken the challenge. Rather than get all tech. about it I say just get in the spirit of the whole thing!!!


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08/20/2014 7:36PM
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