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December 17, 2017
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Steve Perry hits the stage after 19 years...

by Carter Fresno posted May 27 2014 5:39PM
It's the moment most of us Journey fans have been waiting for...the return of one of rock's greatest singers to the stage.  Granted...on stage with Journey would have been sweet but we'll take the Eels band for now (this is huge for them by the way).  The stories have swirled for years; Steve doesn't get along with Journey, Steve's lost his voice, he lost his voice because of cancer, he has stage fright, he's off the grid forever, he's raising chickens in Hanford, he doesn't want to disappoint his fans...we've heard them all right?  Nobody expects Steve to sing like he's 20 years old...we get it...and IF you don't get should.  I would rather hear a less than perfect Steve Perry sing a million times over almost anyone.  That sweet tone to his voice that gives me the chills is still there.  And now...STEVE PERRY in the flesh baby!!  Enjoy!

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05/27/2014 8:39PM
Steve Perry hits the stage after 19 years...
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05/30/2014 4:07PM
Washed. Up
Well doesn't sound like himself
06/16/2014 8:31PM
Really? Who cares????
06/16/2014 8:34PM
shut up man!
06/17/2014 12:09AM
Glad to see Steve back on Stage!
Sounds pretty too me for someone who hasn't done it for 19 years!
04/17/2016 11:25AM
Journey reunion
Word has it Steve will be at LA FORUM show AUG 28 2016 seen him in 1982-83 escape at forum looking to see Him again. Remember Steve even LED ZEP did one more show at 02 arena for thier ending and besides your Trying to sell your solo album and it would help
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