December 4, 2016
4:22 pm
December 4, 2016
4:22 pm

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by KOYOTE posted Nov 14 2016 6:19PM
So, rumors have been circulating about Aerosmith "hanging it up" in 2017. Here's the latest.
by KOYOTE posted Nov 2 2016 6:09PM
Well, this is good news!!!!
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by KOYOTE posted Oct 21 2016 7:02PM
Check this out!!!
by KOYOTE posted Oct 1 2016 12:29PM

by KOYOTE posted Jul 25 2016 7:07PM
by KOYOTE posted Jul 24 2016 1:33AM
So, this is cool!!!
by KOYOTE posted Jul 15 2016 4:08PM
CHECK IT OUT!!!! Behind the scenes for "Rogue One"!!!
by KOYOTE posted Jul 11 2016 2:17PM
I'm reserving judgement until I see it. Totally down w/the actresses in the reboot so let's see ehat happens w/this.
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by KOYOTE posted Jun 1 2016 3:31PM
Check out this video of Axl Rose fronting AC/DC!!!
by KOYOTE posted May 25 2016 4:25PM
So, I was on my way to a meeting this morning and when I took off from a stop sign I noticed I lost traction. Upon closer inspection I discovered that I had stopped on top of some fresh roadkill & when I took off my rear tire lost traction on the "expired critter" & evenly distributed it's remains all over the front of the car behind me. Mind you said car had been tailgating me for a few miles so the way I look at it just more proof of karma!!!
by KOYOTE posted May 24 2016 6:43PM
It's goin' down this weekend!!!
by KOYOTE posted May 20 2016 2:49PM
by KOYOTE posted May 19 2016 5:55PM
New Star Trek!?! Hell yeah!!! Check this out. 
by KOYOTE posted May 10 2016 6:23PM
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by KOYOTE posted May 3 2016 6:45PM
This could be interesting!!!
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by KOYOTE posted Apr 28 2016 3:49PM
by KOYOTE posted Apr 26 2016 4:57PM
So, it's a battle I'm sure to lose but I'm fighting it anyway. Parking at work is often very limited & for some reason my truck is a magnet for people "door dinging it". That being said my boss & have been having a "daily race" to get the good parking spot. I just put this up in MY SPOT!!!!! 
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by KOYOTE posted Apr 11 2016 11:31AM
MOVE OVER WIZARD OF OZ!!!! Check this out.
by KOYOTE posted Mar 28 2016 2:28PM
Quite possibly the coolest thing to hit the road in awhile!!!! Check this out!!!!
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by KOYOTE posted Mar 15 2016 3:38PM
The story continues!!! Here's the latest.
by KOYOTE posted Mar 7 2016 4:35PM
NOT GOOD NEWS. No more touring for Brian Johnson? Check this out. I'm keeping tabs on the situation & will keep you posted.
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by KOYOTE posted Mar 7 2016 3:11PM
So recently sev. teens got the opportunity to play w/a Windows 95 computer. Check this out!!!
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by KOYOTE posted Mar 4 2016 5:54PM
Sad to hear this.
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by KOYOTE posted Feb 9 2016 5:07PM
Just in case you missed IT!!!!
by KOYOTE posted Feb 5 2016 2:58PM
The "New Playboy" is here. What do you think?
by KOYOTE posted Jan 28 2016 4:50PM
Not a good start to 2016 for Rock Stars!!!! Founding member of Jefferson Airplane Paul Kantner passed away today. Condolences to his fans, friends & family.
by KOYOTE posted Jan 27 2016 2:20PM
This just pleases me!!!!!
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by KOYOTE posted Jan 20 2016 2:13PM
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