January 28, 2015
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by KOYOTE posted Jan 27 2015 3:41PM
Yes I'm like a little kid in a candy store!!!!! Check out the preview for The Fantastic Four reboot coming this summer here.
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by KOYOTE posted Jan 22 2015 5:32PM
OH YES!!!!! Just announced Rush is heading out on tour. Looks like California dates in July. Click here for details.
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by KOYOTE posted Jan 20 2015 4:30PM
O.K Crue fans, if you haven't checked them out yet, or you wanna see'em one last time this is it!!!
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by KOYOTE posted Jan 16 2015 5:36PM
O.K. Dead Heads, last chance!!! Check this out.
by KOYOTE posted Jan 5 2015 4:51PM
Proof that the end is near!!!!!
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by KOYOTE posted Dec 30 2014 3:02PM
This may help out w/your New Years Eve bash!!!!
by KOYOTE posted Dec 12 2014 5:37PM
Well, their new album "Rock Or Bust" came out Dec. 2nd & they're heading out on tour!!!! Click here for more.
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by KOYOTE posted Dec 4 2014 6:49PM
So, what would you do? Check this out.
by KOYOTE posted Nov 24 2014 2:18PM
by KOYOTE posted Nov 18 2014 4:04PM
Can you believe The Great Pumpkin debuted in 1969!?! Check this out.
by KOYOTE posted Nov 11 2014 12:27PM
by KOYOTE posted Nov 7 2014 3:07PM
So, they've announced the title of the upcoming Star Wars movie, "STAR WARS VII THE FORCE AWAKENS". If that just doesn't tickle your lightsaber then check this out!!!! Thanks to my buddy Hammer at our sister station for the link!!!!
by KOYOTE posted Nov 6 2014 2:20PM
Check this out!!!!
by KOYOTE posted Oct 27 2014 5:58PM
Just in case you have not already begun preparing for the ZOMBIE APOCOLYPSE here is some very important info.!!!!
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by KOYOTE posted Oct 20 2014 5:07PM
What are you going as for Halloween? Here are some things you might wanna stay away from.
by KOYOTE posted Oct 13 2014 5:34PM
So when it comes down to "THE DEED" does this mean we're off the hook fellas?
by KOYOTE posted Oct 7 2014 2:41PM
I AM SOOOOO STOKED!!!! Brand new AC/DC album drops in Dec. called "Rock Or Bust" & I just got my grubby paws on a copy of a new song from the album called "Play Ball". Make sure you're listening 'cause I'm gona play this thing!!!!!!!!
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by KOYOTE posted Sep 29 2014 2:31PM
I don't know bout you but I'm a pretty big fan of a lot of Kevin' Smith's work. Especially the "Clerks" movies. Came across this little tidbit today thought you might like it.

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by KOYOTE posted Sep 25 2014 2:24PM
EXCELLENT!!!! Click here for more!!!!
by KOYOTE posted Sep 23 2014 2:56PM
Check this out!!!! Brings whole new meaning to the term "boob job" huh?
by KOYOTE posted Sep 15 2014 3:46PM
Remember this? Well, it's back!!!
by KOYOTE posted Sep 4 2014 3:18PM
Another renowned comedian has left us. Like her or don't Joan was a "force to be reckoned with". Not only did she pave the way for women in an industry that was pretty much ,male dominated at the time, but she def. had a character & style all her own. You will be missed Joan!!! Read more here.
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by KOYOTE posted Sep 3 2014 4:21PM
So, what exactly is an "Animal Conspiracy Theorist"? Make sure to tune in to Thurs 9/4's show when I talk to "FOX SUMMER COMEDY COOL DOWN" comedian Tim Bedore & get to the bottom of this!!!!
by Koyote Fox posted Aug 28 2014 3:24PM
O.K., so my last few entries have been related to "The Ice Challenge". This is it!!! I promise. Many people are faulting the fact that people seem to be "enjoying" this. Why does being charitable have to be unpleasant? If you can do something kind & generous, go public, encourage others & have fun I SAY GO FOR IT!!!! That being said Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin......WELL PLAYED SIR!!!!


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by Koyote Fox posted Aug 21 2014 3:06PM
I was talking the other day about "THE ICE BUCKET CHALENGE". Thought this was kind of a cool use of fame & fortune!!! Well played Vince, Nikki, Mick & Tommy!!!!


by Koyote Fox posted Aug 20 2014 4:15PM
So, by now I'm sure pretty much everyone has heard about the "ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE". All in all a pretty cool & fun way to raise $ for charity w/the app. premise being if you dump buckets of ice water over your head you get out of donating $ to charity. The only flaws I see in this idea are #1: YOU SHOULD DONATE REGARDLESS. #2: IT SEEMS THAT DIFF. CHARITIES ARE CLAIMING "OWNERSHIP" OF THE CHALLENGE. (I've done a little research & it looks like the concept actually originated w/ALS.). #3: MANY PEOPLE ARE POSTING VIA SOCIAL MEDIA SITES HOW SEV. PEOPLE "AREN'T DOING IT RIGHT", (Not using enough water, cheating,  etc. etc.).  SERIOUSLY!?! If your intent on doing the challenge is "pure" & you're trying to do something good/charitable then go for it & the hell w/those that give you static!!!! I was rec. challenged & made a donatiion & took three 5 gallon buckets of ice water to the head. I then of course celebrated & did the "honorable" thing by drinking the beer that the ice had previously been keeping cold so as not to waste it. Anyway, even fmr. Pres. George W. Bush has taken the challenge. Rather than get all tech. about it I say just get in the spirit of the whole thing!!!


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by Koyote Fox posted Aug 15 2014 3:13PM
MAKE SURE TO TUNE IN TO THE SHOW THIS AFTERNOON!!! I'll be talking to Chef Duffy from "BAR RESCUE", (One of the most awesome shoes ever!!!!), & we'll be getting geared up to hang out w/him & all the Fox Rockers At The Rumble To The Peak pre-party & Bike Run today & tomorrow w/proceeds going to benefit Children's Hospital!!!
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by Koyote Fox posted Aug 11 2014 4:39PM
Unexpected death is always shocking & often devastating. Yes, it is a part of life but that does not take away from the impact. Finding out about the tragic death of Robin Williams today was really a blow. Truly an amazing & talented man I can only say that his untimely passing has truly shaken me. Robin was truly an inspiration, loved by so many & I can only hope that he has found peace. Myself? I am going to choose to celebrate this man's life & all he gave to so many & not dwell on how he left us.


-Kris "Koyote" Gerdes
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by Koyote Fox posted Aug 5 2014 5:04PM
I care not, (to use Yoda speak), that this is obviously to heighten excitement about the next movie. It still please me!!!! MORE STAR WARS STUFF @ DISNEYLAND!!! Click here to get the down low!!! MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!!!

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by Koyote Fox posted Aug 1 2014 4:12PM
MAKE SURE TO JOIN THE FOX CREW @ THE BOOT BARN IN CLOVIS THIS SATURDAY 8/2 FROM 12PM - 2PM. We'll be broadcasting live, w/prizes & a whole lot more!!!
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