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October 21, 2017
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Posts from April 2014
by Koyote Fox posted Apr 30 2014 5:31PM
Don't get me wrong, I'm just as much of a fan of a good "FWD." as the next person but sometimes I think the term "viral" may actual be a warning sign. Some of these things truly cause the viewer to resemble a cat playing w/a laser pointer. Maybe the virus is "MIND NUMBING DINGLEBERRYITIS". Again, not taking a way from the humor or wit behind stuff like this it just amazes me what actual "goes viral".
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by Koyote Fox posted Apr 23 2014 6:29PM
So, recently I engaged in a theological discussion w/ a friend of mine on, "Whether or not animals have souls?". NO QUESTION IN MY MIND THEY DO!!! Not only that but I happen to think in mant ways critters match or even surpass human beings in things. Reaffirming my beliefs is the attached video. We all know Queen rocks & app. the bands appeal knows no bounds, even inter-species!!!!

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by Koyote Fox posted Apr 21 2014 4:51PM
DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR!!!!! The way I look at it we all have things we're not good at. Personally I'm not good at math & have pretty much no skills when it comes to working on cars. Some people may not be good at sports, or maybe public speaking. Now, don't get me wrong IF AT FIRST YOU DON'T SUCCEED TRY TRY AGAIN!!! I'm all for praticing & learning things. That being said I'm resolved to the fact that my male modeling career doesn't look like it's gonna take off. I think it's important that when you see an ULTIMATE FAIL, especially if you care for the person, you should step in & do or say something. THAT BEING SAID ALLOW ME TO DEDUCT TWO MIN. & FORTY SEVEN SECONDS FROM YOUR LIFE. ENJOY THE FOLOWING!!!
by Koyote Fox posted Apr 7 2014 6:47PM
So, I have long held on to the belief that aliens do in fact exist. If they have ever needed an incentive to make themselves know I believe this is it!!! The fact that these wack jobs exist is disturbing enough. The fact that they have gained notoriety,...DOUBLEY SO!!! I think it's high time E.T. came down, made an appearence w/Fallon on The Tonight Show & subsequenly scheduled a Death Match w/these two!!!

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by Koyote Fox posted Apr 1 2014 6:43PM
So, am I the only one who remembers Grammar Class? Remember diagramming sentences? Hours of exercises in the use of commas, semi-colons, periods, exclamation points etc.? Don't get me wrong I totally get the convenience of "text speak" etc. & how you opt to word things in casual conversation is TOTALLY up to you. As for myself though I pretty much shutdown & stop reading wHeN wun KaNNoTtt spellll lEt AlOnE koJugGate a Centance!!!

Seriously, the placement of a comma can make the difference between having Uncle Jack over to the house for dinner or Uncle Jack being the main course. Case in point, the photo I recently came across. Now granted, while not actually gramatically incorrect I'd say the "verbage" is, well, just a little off. This actually more so raised the question of, "Who the hell is the editor?", but regardless on the whole it all kind of goes together.

Anyway, just thought I'd vent.

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