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Posts from March 2014
by Koyote Fox posted Mar 27 2014 3:38PM
So, the Tapatio at my house is cursed!!! Literally every other week a bottle get's broken, NO MATTER WHERE WE PUT IT!!!! I know, you're saying, "JUST STOP BUYING IT!!!", but we love Tapatio!!! Anyway, it was a diff. morning @ the house. My two sons got into a fight & broke my oldest's brand new glasses, my daughter had a major explosion in her diaper, my wifey & I kinda got into it & then, right after I left for wk. my wife called me to let me know that a bottle of bleach vibrated off the washer & busted on the floor. She called me to vent & I tried to be a good hubby & comfort her at which point she says that the icing on today's cake would be a broken bottle of Tapatio. Guess what? Ten min. later she opens thr fridge & the Tapatio does a nosedive. She called me in FURIOUS TEARS.........I couldn't help myself...........I just cracked up at the irony so,....partially for therapy.......partially because I need answers.......& partially because I wanna test out the new polling feature please participate in the following.

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by Koyote Fox posted Mar 26 2014 3:22PM
WELCOME TO KOYOTE'S KRAP!!!! My brain synapses fire, or misfire in a strange way & I need an outlet....HENCE KOYOTE'S CRAP!!!! Please feel free to contribute to the randomness at any time!!!! Also, if you've got something, a captivating caption, suggestion, etc., please hit me up here too. I hope you enjoy the nonsequential nonsense that is KOYOTE'S KRAP!!!!

by Koyote Fox posted Mar 25 2014 3:48PM
So, according to info. the NFL is making it a point to outlaw the use of the goalposts for "dunking" or any other type of post touchdown "showboating" in 2014. REALLY!?! In the wake of felonious crimes, over the top hazing, gambling etc. etc., exploitation of the goalpost is our top concern? Now, I'll be honest, being a member od the RAIDER NATION my biggest concern is finishing a season over 500, but that's just me!!!!

by Koyote Fox posted Mar 25 2014 3:41PM
O.K., so at this point I'm thinking maybe we've saturated the world w/all things bacon!!!! Don't get me wrong...i myself am a pork fanatic but where does it stop!?!

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by Koyote Fox posted Mar 25 2014 3:13PM
by Koyote Fox posted Mar 25 2014 2:59PM

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