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January 20, 2018
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Important Question...

by Carter posted Dec 3 2014 2:29PM
So a co-worker of mine just disclosed to me that she has NEVER seen ANY Star Wars Movie.  I know...I'll give you a second to process that.  Good?  Ok...so now that we have our hands on a Star Wars Virgin the question remains...how do you show all of the movies to a newbee?  Do you start with the newer ones first so it's in order?  Or...do you start with the original first and let her experience them the way we all did?  It's a serious question and the answer is important...please feel free to comment below and may the force be with you.  -Carter 
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12/03/2014 5:37PM
Important Question...
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12/07/2014 10:54PM
Sweet. What else can I say?
01/10/2015 4:19PM
sequential viewing
she's gotta see him the way we did the originals first then the prequels and then the new one
02/13/2015 10:40AM
Old School
They coneived in a particular order and created as such... For me, that would be the only way to see them.. as they were released... But the original, un-remastered versions...
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