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November 23, 2017
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by Gigi Divine posted May 15 2017 5:40PM

I have been enjoying a great streak of good places to eat as of late. Unfortunately, that streak has been forked. My partner in food, Amy, and I decided to go to the Elephant Bar since we hadn’t been in such a long time. We were both looking forward to it as we both used to be big fans. Yea, not so much anymore.


The hostess was very pleasant and seated us right away in the bar area. We had our choice of places to sit as the place was just about empty.

Our server came to get out appetizer and drink order. While the water and cocktails were served promptly that is where the good service ended. When we finally got our meal, we asked for ranch and ketchup. After several minutes of watching our server make no attempt to get these items we asked her again to no avail. After a third attempt, we were approached by what I assume to be the manager who asked how our meal was. We told him how long we had been waiting for our condiments and he went and got them himself. Our server never came back to the table other than to bring the bill. The only reason that I can give any forks for the service is that upon reviewing the bill we noticed that our cocktails had been comped. No mention of it, or apology for the lousy service and, quite frankly, the server may have forgot to add them.

1 fork for service


We had the Zesty artichoke dip served with fresh tortilla chips. It was very good and server hot. Delicious. I ordered the French onion rib eye sliders. On the menu, it is described as tender ribeye with swiss cheese and caramelized onions and au jus. What was actually served were two pathetic looking tiny bread rolls with meat that was so over cooked it was crispy. The cheese was not melted and the onions were not at all caramelized. To top it off the au jus was nowhere in sight. The fries were cold to begin with and by the time we got our condiments they were inedible.

Amy had the Philly cheese steak. Again, nothing like the menu portrayed. Yes, it had bell pepper and onion but no mushroom or red pepper to be found. And served with the same forkin lame fries.

Again…the only reason I have any forks to give is because of the appetizer as it was the only good thing we had.

1 fork for Food


The pricing is a bit high and considering what we received, entirely too much!

I have no forks to give.


This place used to have such delicious food! I don’t know what happened but I, for one, am saddened by the decline. From the lousy service to the horrible food just an all-around cluster fork. I will revisit sometime in the future and I hope that my next visit finds this place in better form.

1 fork overall


Until next time…eat well my friends,

Gigi Divine


by Gigi Divine posted May 15 2017 5:34PM
A longtime friend asked me to meet at this little gem for dinner the other night. So forkin glad I did!!! “It’s just the IHOP” you say, and yes, yes, it is…and what a wonderful little place it is!!!  (Fresno & Herndon location)

My partner in food was already there so I was seated right away. Coffee was already at the table in a delightful little carafe and our sodas were brought right away. The server was extremely pleasant and very attentive without being intrusive.

5 forks for service!

At the suggestion of my dining partner I ordered the chicken fried steak dinner. The meal comes with soup or salad. I chose salad and it was wonderful. A large bowl of fresh greens with ripe cherry tomatoes and croutons and house made dressing. Next up was the main course, a huge chicken fried steak cooked to tender perfection and coated with a wonderfully crispy outer shell. A generous helping of delicious gravy topped this forkalicious steak. Served with very fresh, not soggy, veggies, mashed potatoes, and a slice of texas toast this was a meal for the hungry!! While the mashed potatoes were not scratch made they were seasoned so well that they complimented the meal perfectly! I ordered extra gravy and I suggest you do the same! Also ordered was the breakfast version of my meal. This came with the same, forkalicious steak along with 2 eggs, hash browns and two fluffy pancakes. Again…not a meal for the wimpy eater!!

5 Forks for food!!

Hold on to your hats folks! All this yummy forkin goodness is so reasonably priced you will go back again and again!!!

5 Forks for price!!

What a wonderful surprise to find this gem!! I had no idea how great the food at IHOP is!!! The service is top notch and I have been back since my first visit to find the same forkalicious food and excellent service! This is a place that you must try and take the family as the prices are so reasonable you won’t break the bank!!

5 Forks overall

Until next time eat well my friends,

Gigi Divine

by Gigi Divine posted May 15 2017 5:26PM
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