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Posts from September 2016
by Gigi Divine posted Sep 29 2016 7:28PM
Hi friends!!! Well, my Mom and Dad wanted Chinese food for dinner so we hit up the Four Seasons, Located on the southwest corner of Herndon and Clovis Ave. While the location is a good one, the fact that they share the corner with In and Out Burger can cause a bit of a parking challenge at times.

After a few minutes we were seated, given menus and had our drink order taken. In addition to sodas and tea, both hot and cold, they offer a moderate selection of beer and wine. While the service was adequate it was not friendly. No smiles or conversation other than what was needed to get the order.

2 forks for service

The menu is very large and offers a large assortment of Dim Sum as well as a large choice of other appetizers. In addition to the single item orders they have 4 different complete dinner options to choose from. We chose Dinner A, Soup, fried wonton, fried chicken wing almond chicken, house special fried rice, house special chow mein and, sweet and sour pork. We also added a half order of the Chinese chicken salad. Once ordered our food came out very quickly. The soup had a great flavor and was good and hot. The salad is forkin fabulous  Large chunks of lightly fried chicken, crispy wontons and very fresh iceberg lettuce tossed in a wonderfully tangy dressing.  The wonton was a little thick and not very light and crispy as they should be. The chicken wings were just a bit over done but tasty non the less. The almond chicken was delicious. Served with an abundance of fresh vegies and tender chicken all tossed in a yummy sauce.  The house special fried rice was forktastic!!! Traditional fried rice with a special treat of tender, whole, seasoned shrimp. The house special chow mein was just as forkalicious with large tender shrimp and vegies in a wonderful sauce and served on pan fried noodles. My mouth waters just thinking about it!! The sweet and sour pork was a treat. More times than not, when I have ordered this dish it has come horribly tuff and overcooked. Not so here. The pork was cooked to perfection sweet and tender with a light breading and smothered in sweet, tangy sauce and pineapple. I will be having this again!

41/2 forks for food!

Overall this place is a great go to place for large families or parties as the portions are very large. One of the many dinner plates and the salad are more than enough for two hungry people as well.  The pricing is very reasonable so it won’t kill your budget. And leftovers are almost guaranteed!
I will be back, fork in hand as I can’t wait to try some of the dim sum. And, oh that wonderful salad!!!!

4 forks overall!!

Till next time…eat well my friends,

Gigi Divine

by Gigi Divine posted Sep 28 2016 4:01PM
Hi friends! Well I had a craving for Mexican food so a friend and I headed out to Toledo's. We were greeted with a smile from a very friendly hostess and after a short 15 minute wait we were seated.

The hostess let us know about the specials on cocktails and informed us that happy hour was still on.
Chips and salsa and water were brought to the table imediatley. Our server came to take our drink and appitizer order right away.
Our server was very attentive and even though we were in no hurry to order she continued to check on us until we were.

5 forks for service!

We ordered the Botana Toledo's appitizer. Nachos prepared with beans, cheese, tomatoes, guacamole, olives and jalapenos as well as margaritas.  The cocktails were refreshing and well made. The nachos were great, the carmelized onions and jalepenos were forkaliscious!!
I ordered the Enchi-Burrito. It is like a king size enchilada in a flour tortilla with your choice of meat filling and the whole thing is smothered in a forking delicious housemade enchilada sauce topped with a large spoonful of sour cream. Served with your choice of soup or salad, I had salad with blue cheese dressing...delicious, and beans and rice this is a meal that will keep you coming back again and again.
My friend had the Flautas. Three super crispy corn tortillas filled with your choice of meat and topped with quacomole. They are served with your choice of soup or salad, beans and rice. They were forkin yummy. My friend, who is, by her own admission, not a huge fan of leftovers, finished off her leftovers the next day for lunch!

5 forks for food!

Overall we had a great time. My dining partner's exact words were, "5 forks! All employees were great and the food was too! Made me want to go back!!"

Overall rating: 5 forks

Untill next time...eat well my friends,

Gigi Divine

by Gigi Divine posted Sep 20 2016 6:40PM

Hi friends!!! I had lunch at a new place called The Point. Located in the back corner of the strip mall on Willow and Nees, this place has utilized the very large space very well.   Wide open and very spacious the restaurant has a lots of tables and booths as well as a huge bar area which circles into a very spacious comfortable back patio which includes several couches. There are several T.V.'s in both the restaurant and bar with a varied assortment of sports playing.

Our server, while very nice, was not well versed on the menu items but did make the effort to find the answers to our questions. Our service was adequate but lacked an upbeat feeling.
The Bronx burger:   Served on a fabulously light grilled bun spread with house made Russian dressing, sauerkraut, grilled onion, pickles, Swiss cheese and pastrami join the party to create a serious taste explosion in one’s mouth!  Served with your choice of fries, sweet potato fries, house chips or side salad this is definitely not a meal for the faint of heart!! I had the side salad. The salad itself was great, full spring and field greens red and yellow tomatoes, fresh carrots and cucumber and topped with house made croutons. The dressing was awful; we were told it was house made but this was not the case.

Also ordered:
The philly cheesesteak sandwich with fries. Again, wonderfully light grilled roll packed with well-cooked steak, peppers, onion and gooey cheese. The side of vegies were a sad disappointment. A smattering of very soggy soggy zucchini.

The chicken wings with a side of fries, as they do not come with them. While there is a nice assortment of sauces the serving was very small and the wings were seriously overcooked. The fries, however, were delicious!
Sweet potato fries: While some were crunchy most were wilty and soft. The basil aioli served with them was outstanding.
My critique of the bar is from an earlier visit. I ordered a very dry, dirty martini. I was not asked my preference of vodka but it would not have mattered as the drink was so ridiculously sweet I could not drink it. She was very pleasant about it and did remake it to my satisfaction. The people next to me had their order made incorrectly as well. While she is very nice and eager to please she is obviously not an experienced bartender. The bar itself is very well stocked and has a superb selection of high end spirits as well as several beers on tap and an extensive wine list.
The prices are all over the board. While the sandwiches and burgers were reasonable $11 to $12, the steaks seemed rather high starting at $29.
All in all, a nice experience. Would I try them again? AbsolforkinluteIy! I would like to try the dinner and the sliders that we saw at another table looked forkin’ amazing!!

Overall rating: 3 Forks

Till next time…eat well my friends,

Gigi Divine

by Gigi Divine posted Sep 20 2016 6:25PM
Hi friends or as I like to think of you all…The Fox Fork Brigade!

On the menu today, Westwood’s B.B.Q. I have been there a couple of times before and was not impressed but decided to give them another shot.

The hostess obviously does not enjoy her job as she had no smile or warm greeting for us. When we asked for a larger table than the tiny ones in the bar she actually rolled her eyes!!
Once seated it was clear that there was no server assigned to our table. When we finally flagged one down and put in our order for drinks and an appetizer it had already been 10 mins. It gets worse…I had ordered the blended special margarita and as the minutes ticked away I noticed our drink order on the counter of the bar melting. After over 15 minutes I got up and went to pick up our drinks. When a server finally came to take our order, we asked where our appetizer was. He was clueless. We finally got our appetizer after over a half hour since being seated!!!! Several minutes later we were told that they were out of the item we had ordered. Unforkinbelievable!!!!  We declined to order a different item, nope, put a fork in us, we were done!

The only positive I can give this place is that the sweet potato fries are forkin’ fabulous!! Light, crispy and fresh made served with a fabulous dipping sauce. And the margarita, once we got it, was also delicious.
So in conclusion…I have no forks to give! This place really needs to step up their service. The staff is not service oriented and it shows. I shall give them another shot in the future but for now, I’m out!
Until next time…eat well my friends,

Gigi Divine
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by Gigi Divine posted Sep 20 2016 5:34PM
Hello Fox Fork Brigade!!! Today I am reviewing Kunisama teppanyaki/sushi bar located just south of Herndon on Willow.


Very friendly, fast and well versed on all menu items.
The Chicken salad is forkin’ fabulous. Lots of well cooked, shredded chicken and greens tossed in their house dressing.  Salmon can be substituted for chicken as well. Large enough to share.
The Teriyaki Tri tip bowl is sooooo yummy!! Thinly sliced, tender tri tip on top of light and fluffy rice with a delicious teriyaki sauce. Served with a small cucumber salad this is a meal you will want again and again.

For sushi we tried 2 different rolls. The Kuni Roll- Spicy scallop, spicy tuna, fried panko breaded crab and cucumber on the inside. Yellowtail, avocado and spicy crab with wasabi mayo and spicy teriyaki drizzle on the outside. My mouth is watering as I write this lol!!! So forkin’ good!!
The other roll was the Tiger Roll- Two pieces of shrimp tempura, crab salad and cucumber inside. Cooked shrimp and avocado with spicy aioli sauce and teriyaki drizzle on the outside. Again, so good!!!!!

For dessert we shared the Hawaiian bread pudding. This amazing concoction is house made and is served with vanilla ice cream and caramel drizzle. Even if you are stuffed this is a must try dessert!!! Large enough to share with at least one other person it is a forkgasmic creation not to be missed!!!!!
The prices are very reasonable as well. I highly recommend trying this place if you haven’t already!

I give them an overall rating of 5 forks!!

Until next time…eat forkin’ well my friends,

Gigi Divine

by Gigi Divine posted Sep 6 2016 3:19PM

Great atmosphere, fast and efficient service, fair price and, of course, fabulous food!
All the ingredients needed for a great meal with friends. 
Let 95.7 The Fox's new blog, Gigi "Divine" Dining,
help you decide where to go!!

Several times a week Gigi will be blogging about restaurants
from all over the valley.

Restaurants will receive one to five forks, five being outstanding, in the following catorgories:

Service, atmosphere, price and the meal itself.
In addition to checking out our local eateries, Gigi will hunt down the
best burgers, salads, breakfast burritos ect. and keep you up to date on where to find them!!!
Make our blog a first stop on your way to having a great evening!!


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