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October 17, 2017
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Posts from May 2014
by Carter Fresno posted May 27 2014 5:39PM
It's the moment most of us Journey fans have been waiting for...the return of one of rock's greatest singers to the stage.  Granted...on stage with Journey would have been sweet but we'll take the Eels band for now (this is huge for them by the way).  The stories have swirled for years; Steve doesn't get along with Journey, Steve's lost his voice, he lost his voice because of cancer, he has stage fright, he's off the grid forever, he's raising chickens in Hanford, he doesn't want to disappoint his fans...we've heard them all right?  Nobody expects Steve to sing like he's 20 years old...we get it...and IF you don't get it...you should.  I would rather hear a less than perfect Steve Perry sing a million times over almost anyone.  That sweet tone to his voice that gives me the chills is still there.  And now...STEVE PERRY in the flesh baby!!  Enjoy!

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by Carter Fresno posted May 22 2014 11:08AM
So I found this today and brought it up on the air (audio below).  I couldn't stop laughing long enough to really "expand" on the details but if you want to increase breast size...it's cookies to the rescue!  You don't need no stinkin surgery...just eat 1 to 2 "F-Cup Cookies" a day to plump up!  Gotta love Japan!  Click here to read the hilarious details and get ready to enjoy F-Cup Cookies!
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by Carter Fresno posted May 13 2014 10:25AM
I took a little trip a few weeks ago to the beautiful town of Palm Springs, Ca.  It's an annual trip with my Mom and my Aunt.  We have the best time every year without fail!  Lay by the pool all day, go shopping, dinner and then...margaritas at Las Casuelas to round out the night (which I highly recommend by the way).  Because we go every year we have become familiar with the local cuisine and have gone to almost every restaurant on the strip.  This latest trip though...we discovered Sammy G's Tuscan Grill.  The atmosphere was gorgeous, the service was incredible and the food was to die for.  Next time you're in Palm Springs look for Sammy G's!  I highly recommend it!
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by Carter Fresno posted May 13 2014 10:02AM
It's always fun to see how a movie director will recreate a loved character such as Batman.  Here is the latest...
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