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Posts from April 2014
by Carter Fresno posted Apr 27 2014 11:41AM
Remember this one Fresno?  I was at both of these show filmed at Fresno's Selland Arena.  I remember waiting over night in line at The Wherehouse music store at Blackstone & Barstow!  It was a party that night.  Everyone was out in their sleeping bags, wrapped around the building having a good time...blasting Van Halen all night.  I miss those days.  I got second row tickets by the way.  It was a fun time and this was a great live concert that will live in the hearts of Fresno Rockers forever!  Enjoy!

by Carter Fresno posted Apr 27 2014 11:27AM

I suppose even the best still have something to prove!  Check out this stare down...dang!

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by Carter Fresno posted Apr 21 2014 2:35PM
I love magic!  It tickles my brain.  I enjoy watching it and then trying to answer the ultimate question..."HOW DID THEY DO THAT!?".  Sometimes I figure it out...other times not so much...both outcomes are enjoyable and keep the fun alive.  This video is quickly going viral and it's worth a look.  He's pretty good...he's quick!  Enjoy!

by Carter Fresno posted Apr 8 2014 11:55AM
Cow tipping?'s smart car flipping now.  Look...if I owned a smart car and someone flipped it over I would be pissed.  But since I don't own a smart car...I can't help but giggle just a little bit. They're just so small!  They're a toy that is just begging to be played with.  See full article here.  What do you think?

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by Carter posted Apr 8 2014 11:40AM

It shouldn't be a suprise but I LOVE going to concerts!  I've seen almost every band I can think of but I have yet to see America!  They'll be at Tachi Palace this Thursday night, April 10th!!  I called up Mom and invited her to go with me!  We are very excited to see a great show, play some Blackjack and have fun!!  Plus I get to knock America off my list!  Woo Hoo!!

by Carter Fresno posted Apr 1 2014 11:36AM
Is it just me or as we age our life experience makes it more difficult to be fooled?  I can't remember the last time I successfully fooled someone on April Fool's Day and I can't remember the last time someone fooled me.  Are we just too wise now?  Ha haa!  I would like to think so.  I will never give up trying though.  Not yet sure what I'm going to do to Koyote today but I will no doubt try.  In the meantime here is a prank suggestion if you need one!  Happy April Fool's Day!
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