March 28, 2015
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by Carter posted Feb 20 2015 9:45AM
Found this one on's from 2011 but who cares!  Should give us all hope for the world...enjoy...KIDS PLAYING ZEPPELIN!

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by Carter posted Feb 18 2015 4:31PM

God in reverse is dog.  I know you've heard that one before but to me there is no greater creature on Earth than a dog
and Miss P, the 4 year old Beagle just stole the hearts of everyone in the world.  
Read more here and then give your dog a big wet sloppy loving kiss...cuz they're the best!!
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by Carter posted Jan 21 2015 3:37PM
I guess I always assumed that Fresno staples like The Silver Dollar Hofbrau would be around forever.  I just had lunch there a few months ago and the place was packed so it seemed really shocking to me to hear the doors were closed.  No more sandwiches dipped in that au jus?  No more turkey legs?  No more beers in those bad ass thick chalice glasses (not that I never "accidently" took some home)?   Finding out that Silver Dollar had closed brought back memories that are so close to my heart.  I brought in the New Year there many times, met dear friends that worked there and ate & drank there.  One of my best friends even met her husband there.  Sunday afternoons sipping bloody mary's and watching football.   It was one of those places where you could see 4 Fresno State frat guys sitting at the bar next to a bunch of old timers throwing the dice and having a blast.  It was an ageless environment.  At least this is my reality of a place I will really miss!  All hail the Silver Dollar Hofbrau, thank you for the memories!  It will be missed by many!    Click here to read the article. 
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by Carter posted Dec 3 2014 2:29PM
So a co-worker of mine just disclosed to me that she has NEVER seen ANY Star Wars Movie.  I know...I'll give you a second to process that.  Good? now that we have our hands on a Star Wars Virgin the question do you show all of the movies to a newbee?  Do you start with the newer ones first so it's in order? you start with the original first and let her experience them the way we all did?  It's a serious question and the answer is important...please feel free to comment below and may the force be with you.  -Carter 
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by Carter posted Nov 20 2014 9:56AM
Paul McCartney
Out this week and getting rave reviews.  Star studded tribute..."The Art of McCartney".
by Carter posted Nov 20 2014 9:47AM
Tiny nap afterward? 

by Carter posted Sep 26 2014 4:26PM
Grab the Lipitor and let's do this!  The Big Fresno Fair is here on Oct 1st and while I mostly think about the concerts that are coming I also think about the pants stretching adventure of fair food.  Living in California we may be left to feel like a local fair is the only time of the year where it's acceptable to overendulge in public, to go nuts, to spend the money to try different things and share them with others until you just can't anymore.  I see the fair has some new food experiences coming this year including pies and chicken waffle tacos to something called a "gooey monster funnel cake".  Yes please...we'll take two.  Get ready Fresno!  Click here to see some other great grub making an appearence at The Big Fresno Fair.
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by Carter posted Sep 26 2014 3:33PM
As we get closer to The Eagles return to The Save Mart Center on October 9th, 2014 I can't help but think of the last time I saw them. It was at The Save Mart Center on May 30th, 2004 and it was the greatest show I had ever been to in my life. I've seen just about every rock band you can think of but The Eagles are really something special. Of course we know all of the amazing hit songs but to see this group of talented musicians perform them live is what makes them the big men on campus. don't need ear plugs...the sound is perfect. Not too loud not too soft...just perfect. Now let's talk about the music...also perfect. Every note from every instrument is on point. To me? That's how you measure the true greatness of a band...when they can pull it off perfection. Then you have the vocals. Seriously...give me a break...Don Henley, Glenn Fry, Joe Walsh, and Timothy B. Schmitt? Individually they're perfect...then you put them together to harmonize? Perfection. I remember at the 2004 show that Fresno really seemed to love Joe Walsh the most and when they performed "In the City" it was at that moment I decided "this is the best concert I've ever been to in my life". Joe was AMAZING. The band was AMAZING. The lights and sound AMAZING. It was perfect. Get ready for The Eagles live at The Save Mart Center. Don't miss it! Here is "In the City" live...enjoy and I hope when you see The Eagles at The Save Mart Center you will enjoy them as much as I did in 2004.

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by Carter Fresno posted Jun 30 2014 9:51AM
Well, fortunately - and heartbreakingly this dog's owners have captured the moment she reacted to her team being eliminated from this year's World Cup.
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by Carter Fresno posted Jun 30 2014 9:33AM
Had to post this because I can!  Ha haa!  There is a certain anxiety and or excitment that comes over every person approaching an escalator.  Why are they so fun and tempting...enjoy!!
by Carter Fresno posted Jun 5 2014 11:25AM
I've lived in Fresno almost my whole life...grade school through Fresno State and beyond. GO BULLDOGS! I've seen many a friend leave Fresno with excitement only to return with even more excitement to be home. What is it that makes Fresno so strangely appealing and comfortable? What is it that makes people come running back? I think there are many reasons but here is a fun article about some of Fresno's top stereotypes that you are sure to be able to relate to...and are sure to make you hungry!!!
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by Carter Fresno posted May 27 2014 5:39PM
It's the moment most of us Journey fans have been waiting for...the return of one of rock's greatest singers to the stage.  Granted...on stage with Journey would have been sweet but we'll take the Eels band for now (this is huge for them by the way).  The stories have swirled for years; Steve doesn't get along with Journey, Steve's lost his voice, he lost his voice because of cancer, he has stage fright, he's off the grid forever, he's raising chickens in Hanford, he doesn't want to disappoint his fans...we've heard them all right?  Nobody expects Steve to sing like he's 20 years old...we get it...and IF you don't get should.  I would rather hear a less than perfect Steve Perry sing a million times over almost anyone.  That sweet tone to his voice that gives me the chills is still there.  And now...STEVE PERRY in the flesh baby!!  Enjoy!

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by Carter Fresno posted May 22 2014 11:08AM
So I found this today and brought it up on the air (audio below).  I couldn't stop laughing long enough to really "expand" on the details but if you want to increase breast's cookies to the rescue!  You don't need no stinkin surgery...just eat 1 to 2 "F-Cup Cookies" a day to plump up!  Gotta love Japan!  Click here to read the hilarious details and get ready to enjoy F-Cup Cookies!
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by Carter Fresno posted May 13 2014 10:25AM
I took a little trip a few weeks ago to the beautiful town of Palm Springs, Ca.  It's an annual trip with my Mom and my Aunt.  We have the best time every year without fail!  Lay by the pool all day, go shopping, dinner and then...margaritas at Las Casuelas to round out the night (which I highly recommend by the way).  Because we go every year we have become familiar with the local cuisine and have gone to almost every restaurant on the strip.  This latest trip though...we discovered Sammy G's Tuscan Grill.  The atmosphere was gorgeous, the service was incredible and the food was to die for.  Next time you're in Palm Springs look for Sammy G's!  I highly recommend it!
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by Carter Fresno posted May 13 2014 10:02AM
It's always fun to see how a movie director will recreate a loved character such as Batman.  Here is the latest...
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by Carter Fresno posted Apr 27 2014 11:41AM
Remember this one Fresno?  I was at both of these show filmed at Fresno's Selland Arena.  I remember waiting over night in line at The Wherehouse music store at Blackstone & Barstow!  It was a party that night.  Everyone was out in their sleeping bags, wrapped around the building having a good time...blasting Van Halen all night.  I miss those days.  I got second row tickets by the way.  It was a fun time and this was a great live concert that will live in the hearts of Fresno Rockers forever!  Enjoy!

by Carter Fresno posted Apr 27 2014 11:27AM

I suppose even the best still have something to prove!  Check out this stare down...dang!

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by Carter Fresno posted Apr 21 2014 2:35PM
I love magic!  It tickles my brain.  I enjoy watching it and then trying to answer the ultimate question..."HOW DID THEY DO THAT!?".  Sometimes I figure it out...other times not so much...both outcomes are enjoyable and keep the fun alive.  This video is quickly going viral and it's worth a look.  He's pretty good...he's quick!  Enjoy!

by Carter Fresno posted Apr 8 2014 11:55AM
Cow tipping?'s smart car flipping now.  Look...if I owned a smart car and someone flipped it over I would be pissed.  But since I don't own a smart car...I can't help but giggle just a little bit. They're just so small!  They're a toy that is just begging to be played with.  See full article here.  What do you think?

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by Carter posted Apr 8 2014 11:40AM

It shouldn't be a suprise but I LOVE going to concerts!  I've seen almost every band I can think of but I have yet to see America!  They'll be at Tachi Palace this Thursday night, April 10th!!  I called up Mom and invited her to go with me!  We are very excited to see a great show, play some Blackjack and have fun!!  Plus I get to knock America off my list!  Woo Hoo!!

by Carter Fresno posted Apr 1 2014 11:36AM
Is it just me or as we age our life experience makes it more difficult to be fooled?  I can't remember the last time I successfully fooled someone on April Fool's Day and I can't remember the last time someone fooled me.  Are we just too wise now?  Ha haa!  I would like to think so.  I will never give up trying though.  Not yet sure what I'm going to do to Koyote today but I will no doubt try.  In the meantime here is a prank suggestion if you need one!  Happy April Fool's Day!
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by Carter Fresno posted Mar 27 2014 4:09PM
When is the last time you grabbed your mate or a group of friends and headed up the hill?  Join me this Saturday night, March 29th at Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino!  The Fanatics will be playing live inside Casa De Fuego!  Great livemusic, dancing, drinks, gaming and more!  I'll be there starting at 7pm broadcasting live and the band starts at 9pm!  Take a break and have some fun this Saturday deserve it!
by Carter Fresno posted Mar 26 2014 2:05PM
So...I got to work this morning and witnessed a brown Pomeranian running down Shaw Ave. Horror sets in as I have flashes in my head of her being in the middle of Shaw Ave...well you know where I'm going there.  In the split second that I saw this dog racing by I knew she was special. As an owner/member of the "tiny" dog breed it was my instinct to call out "come here baby!!!" the way I would call out to my own. This little slice of chocolate love came running right up to me as if I had just come home from a long day at work and she had been waiting for me by the door. I fell in love instantly. She was well trained, loving and had the personality and face that melted the hearts of even the biggest boys in our office. I knew the next step was to solicit help from my co-worker Michele. She has a heart of gold and I knew she would know what to do next. While we searched up and down left and right for an owner...this dog who we nicknamed "Chewy" (Star Wars fans unite) absolutely loved being here at the station. She walked around all areas of the building, in and out of offices and studios, paying visits to every employee and even guests that would come to the building. We were all enamored by this little ball of cuteness. We took her to the veterinary clinic across the street later in the day and....SHE HAD A CHIP!  I suppose I wasn't all that surprised because this wasn't just any dog...someone really trained and loved this dog. While I was so happy there was a chip a small part of me watched the idea of her being mine slowly fade away.  Turns out her name is Mocha...I like it...but she will always be Chewy to me. She is with her owner now and I'm glad. 
I have gone through every emotion in the book today...Where will she stay tonight?  Should I keep her?  Should I give her to someone else? Does she have fleas?!!! blush Is someone crying right now because they can't find her?  She has a chip!  She's been found!  I just lost her.  I'm exhausted from the roller coaster of emotions involving this little 5 pound package that came to me today but I wouldn't change one moment of it.  


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by Carter Fresno posted Mar 26 2014 9:10AM
1 +1 =2.  It's that simple...check out this Father's witty way of explaining to his child's teacher how things work in the real the full article here.  Love it!
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by Carter Fresno posted Mar 25 2014 3:00PM
I love Youtube...not only can it fill an entire day drenched in boredom but you can find almost anything your heart desires. Funny animal videos to make you smile, songs, videos, live concerts to bring back great memories and everything in between.  Then...every once in a while...GOLD.  Check out this video of a star being born.