Phish Announce New Year’s Eve “Dinner and a Movie” Broadcast Featuring Online Chess Game

Phish announced that they’ve teamed up with as part of the regular streaming series they’ve been doing since the early days of the pandemic. Phish’s ongoing “Dinner and a Movie” series launched in late-March as pandemic began, with the band sharing the video recording of older shows along with a dinner recipe selected by one of the four bandmembers.

Back in 1995, Phish started playing chess with concert-goers during their fall tour. At each show, the band shared their move sometime during the first set. Fans then gathered between sets to agree on their own move for that night. Phish won the first game after fans conceded in mid-November. But in the second game, Phish conceded on New Year’s Eve 1995, their first end-of-year show at MSG. For 25 years, that 1-1 tie has stood. Phish even put together “mockumentary” about the ’95 tour and their plan to defeat their fans in the 2020 online showdown.

If you want to participate in the game, you have to sign up for a account (which is free) and then join “the official club for the audience side” of the game, found here. If you’d rather just watch the show, Dinner and a Movie streams are posted on Phish’s official YouTube page.

Phish Announce New Year’s Eve ‘Dinner and a Movie’ Broadcast, Audience vs. Band Chess Rematch


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