Time off again?

So I took some time off during the end of 2019, came back to work for a couple of weeks and bam…I was right back out.  A little dog, a throw rug and some slippery shoes and you have yourself the perfect mixture for a dislocated ankle with multiple fractures.  One surgery and one roller knee scooter later and I’m back in action!  I will never again take for granted life’s simple daily tasks.  One foot down is a whole different way of life.  I’m so grateful to everyone.  From the EMT guys, the ER peeps, to the nurses (Kimberly!) and the amazing Dr. Glaser at S.P.O.C….I thank you.  What an ordeal.  I’m still on the road to recovery but I’m grateful everyday for my family and friends.  They have stood by my side and most of all made me laugh.  I will always remember these dear words from my amazing Mother…”You gotta laugh”.  It’s true.