A comedy legend…

I find it interesting how the passing of a celebrity will impact me.  I’m surprised how some that I think would make me sad don’t and how others unexpectedly break my heart.  Tim Conway’s passing…made me truly sad.  I hadn’t thought about him in years but when the news broke of his passing I immediately took to the net to watch old videos of The Carol Burnett Show.  It was then that I realized why I was so sad.  Watching the Carol Burnett Show reminded me of my parents.  They loved that show and I remember sitting on the couch watching it with them.  I was too young to always understand the comedy but my goodness…my parents laughed.  I can see it now like it was yesterday.  So while I was sad at first…thinking about my parents quickly morphed into beautiful thoughts of the past.

Celebrities are just people but they can be individuals who bring back memories of the most important people in our lives.

I miss my Mom and Dad everyday but watching the video below made me think of them…and laugh…instead of cry.  R.I.P. Tim Conway, a comedy legend.