Ararat Market

Eastern Europe meets the Middle East


Hi fellow foodies!!! Many of you may have been past this place several times and not even know it is there! It is in the Walmart shopping center between Arsenio’s and the liquor store! It is a quaint little market jam packed with specialty items such as dolmas, (stuffed grape leaves), yogurt dressings, fresh and frozen middle eastern pastas, and plenty of fresh baked pita bread.

I was greeted with a smile and right away was asked if I needed help deciding what I wanted. The young woman was very helpful and pleasant.

4 Forks

We decided on the Beef Lula Wrap and the Beef Shish Plate. The beef shish plate was fabulous. It came with my choice of homemade rice or bulgur pilaf, garlic sauce and salad. Large, tender chunks of perfectly seasoned beef cooked just right. The pilaf was also wonderful. And the garlic sauce was over the forkin moon!! Unfortunately, our other choice, the Beef lula wrap was not so fabulous. The menu states that it is your choice of meat with garlic sauce and salad all wrapped in a lavash or pita pocket.  While the meat was, again, delicious the rest of the wrap was a very sad disappointment. Huge chunks of cucumber with a smattering of garlic sauce. No lettuce or tomatoes as was stated on the menu. And it was extremely soggy. We also picked up some Dolmas and some cucumber sauce for dipping as well as some fresh pitas. The dolmas were great and the sauce was also over the top forkalicious!

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This place is all over the plate. The biggest negative I have about them is that the wait time for our order was ridiculously long, over 25 mins. That seems to be the normal as there were others who came to pick up food that had called ahead due to this fact. Other customers told me to always call ahead to avoid the wait. But the food was, for the most part great. I will try them again!

3 ½ forks


Till next time…eat well my friends,

Gigi Divine