Wasabi On Fire

Hi friends!! I had a craving for sushi so I decided to hit up the newest sushi place in my neck of the woods. This place has set up shop in the huge former furniture store space on the northwest corner of willow and nees. Excellent location as it is right on the street and visible from all four corners. Inside the wide-open spaciousness is very welcoming.


As we walked thru the door there was a loud shout out of “wasabi” from the dining room. It was soon clear that this shout is given every time someone walks in. I liked it! We were greeted by a very friendly host who seated us immediately. Our server greeted us right away and was very informative and attentive without being invasive. My only negatives on the service were that small plates for the appetizer were not provided, we had to ask for them. The other negative is that the bussers, while totally efficient were in a bit too much of a hurry to take our plates. We wanted to take our time and forkin graze a bit and they kept coming up and trying to clear things away. But our drink glasses were never empty long and our requests for dipping sauces were met quickly.

4 forks for Service!


We ordered the calamari appetizer. This comes with a fabulous spicy mayo dipping sauce. Sadly, that was the only thing good about the appetizer. The calamari served cut in thick strips, breaded and deep fried was so chewy I actually had to discretely “get rid” of it in my napkin. The breading was soggy and added no flavor what-so-forkin-ever.
The mushroom soup and the miso soup were great. And the house salad was served with a fabulous house dressing that I shall crave. We ordered, on the advice of our server, Robata-Yaki. This is different cuts of meat, fish or vegies skewered and grilled. We ordered the bacon wrapped asparagus and the bacon wrapped scallops. The asparagus one was fabulous! Tender spears gently wrapped in bacon and drizzled with teriyaki sauce. This comes three pieces to an order, perfect for sharing. The scallop one was not so fabulous. One sad little undercooked scallop wrapped in bacon with a scarce drizzle. It definitely did not live up to the hype our server gave it when we asked about it.
The sushi was the star of the evening. We ordered two different rolls. The super girl, Shrimp tempura, imitation crab unagi, cucumber and avocado topped with fried calamari, macadamia nuts and unagi sauce. Super delicious!
Also ordered, the Booty booty. Shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, avocado, cream cheese, imitation crab, topped with tobiko, macadamia nuts, unagi sauce and wasabi sauce. Again, spicy and delicious!

3 ½ forks for food!

The prices were very reasonable allowing us to sample several items without breaking the bank.

5 forks for price!
Overall we had a good time. The atmosphere is very comfortable and we sat for quite a while just talking. Great place for a date or a family outing. While some of the food didn’t knock it out of the flavor park I will be back for another run. And, as I said the sushi is forkalicious!!


Until next time…eat well my friends,

Gigi Divine