In the words of Bob & Tom Show character Donnie Baker…”I’ll say it right to your face”…Tom Cruise is my favorite actor.  He gets no love from Hollywood or the millions of award shows that they like to throw themselves.  Everyone who acts WITH him seems to grab the awards.  He’s just Tom and he makes bad ass movies and I can’t wait to see Jack Reacher 2 coming out this Friday, Oct. 21st.  By the way…does the guy age at all?  Regardless of how one may feel about his personal life it has to be noted that he is a great actor and a true movie star.  Let’s face it…there aren’t too many real movie stars anymore.  When you think of this guy’s movie catalog it’s pretty mind blowing.  I don’t care what people think…Tommy is my favorite and dang if Jack Reacher 2 doesn’t look like a kick ass movie!