So, the Tapatio at my house is cursed!!! Literally every other week a bottle get's broken, NO MATTER WHERE WE PUT IT!!!! I know, you're saying, "JUST STOP BUYING IT!!!", but we love Tapatio!!! Anyway, it was a diff. morning @ the house. My two sons got into a fight & broke my oldest's brand new glasses, my daughter had a major explosion in her diaper, my wifey & I kinda got into it & then, right after I left for wk. my wife called me to let me know that a bottle of bleach vibrated off the washer & busted on the floor. She called me to vent & I tried to be a good hubby & comfort her at which point she says that the icing on today's cake would be a broken bottle of Tapatio. Guess what? Ten min. later she opens thr fridge & the Tapatio does a nosedive. She called me in FURIOUS TEARS………I couldn't help myself………..I just cracked up at the irony so,….partially for therapy…….partially because I need answers…….& partially because I wanna test out the new polling feature please participate in the following.